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Come See Us at Winter Jam

We are partnering with Winter Jam in select cities & we need your help to pass out information about GO TELL Camps this summer!

For those groups who have a minimum of 5 volunteers help at Winter Jam, you could receive a camp scholarship toward the 2016 camp season ($300 value). Contact our office at or 770-622-5600, ext. 20, to let us know if you’d be interested in helping us!

Come see us when we are near you:

January 15:   Jacksonville, FL

February 6:   Atlanta, GA

February 11:  Augusta, GA

February 12:  Greenville, SC

February 13:   Knoxville, TN

February 26:   Columbia, SC

February 27:   Greensboro, NC

March 19:         Birmingham, AL





We will be offering Student AND Kids Camp the following weeks:

June 20-24, 2016            (Georgia Baptist Conference Center – Toccoa, GA)

June 25-29, 2016             (Georgia Baptist Conference Center – Toccoa, GA)


Student Camp Registration Costs & Deadlines:

(For completed 6th – 12th Grade)

$300 per camper (Early Bird Rate)

$330 per camper (after Feb. 29, 2016)

Register 5 campers at $50/ea. ($250) by the dates below and receive those camp rates for your entire group!


Kids Camp Registration Costs:

(For completed 3rd-5th Grade)

$295 per camper

Register 5 campers at $50/ea. ($250) by the dates below and receive those camp rates for your entire group!




More than 600 commitments to Christ made during summer camps

Churches from fourteen states attended GO TELL’s three Student and two Kids Camps this past summer resulting in more than 600 commitments to Christ including over 100 students surrendering to the ministry. The following are some of the comments sharing the impact GO TELL had on their students:
“I can feel the Lord’s presence at camp….” – Geoffrey Hines

“My daughter attended camp with our church this summer and returned with peace in her heart.” – Starlite Black
“I am a youth leader that went to GO TELL camp in Toccoa. I knew that I needed revival in my own life and I was challenged and convicted in my walk with the Lord.” – Anita Martin

“This was the most amazing week of my life. The first night I watched my younger brother accept Christ. I’ve been the only person in my family to go to church, so to see him come to Christ was amazing” – Brittney Cowart

“We went to camp this year with 11 students and 8 were baptized this morning.” Lindsay Wilson

“My daughter had a wonderful time at camp. I have seen a really big change in her. To find out her and many more youth cried for the LOST which I was one of until she came home touched my heart so deep. This Sunday I will be baptized. This camp I have never been to; however, it had an impact on her that followed all the way home to me and her Daddy. I just want all of you to know that I thank all of you so much for touching my family the way you have. I will forever be thankful for this blessing.” – Dannette Nitschke

Make plans to attend GO TELL Camps 2012!


* June 18-22, 2012 at the Georgia Baptist Conference Center (Toccoa, GA)

* June 25-29, 2012 at the Georgia Baptist Conference Center (Toccoa, GA)

* July 9-13, 2012 at Stephen F. Austin State University (Nacogdoches, TX)


* June 18-22, 2012 at the Georgia Baptist Conference Center (Toccoa, GA)

* June 25-29, 2012 at the Georgia Baptist Conference Center (Toccoa, GA)

Rick Gage receives Honorary Doctorate from Louisiana Baptist University and Theological Seminary in Shreveport

Jonathan Falwell and Rick Gage recently received Honorary Doctorates from Louisiana Baptist University and Theological Seminary in Shreveport.

LBU President Neal Weaver made the presentations during the spring graduation ceremony.

Rev. Falwell is a son of the late Dr. Jerry Falwell Sr., who was the pastor of Thomas Road Baptist Church (TRBC) and founder 40 years ago of Liberty University – both in Lynchburg, Virginia. Like his father, Rev. Falwell is the church’s senior pastor, reaching millions through the church’s television ministries.

He also serves as the executive vice-president of Spiritual Affairs at Liberty University, the world’s largest evangelical Christian university with around 70,000 students – both on campus and in external degree programs. Rev. Falwell additionally oversees the School of Religion and Liberty Theological Seminary programs and works with all schools within the University in long-term planning.

A global evangelist, Rev. Gage is the son of renowned evangelist Freddie Gage of Texas. In 1990, Rick Gage founded GO TELL Ministries, Inc. and since has reached many thousands around the world with the Gospel message of the Lord Jesus Christ. He continues to do so through crusades, summer camps for teens and children, a summer internship program, public and private schools and overseas missions trips.

Author of More Than A Game, his autobiography, Rev. Gage also is the author of a Bible study titled Download to help young people and adults draw nearer to the Lord.

Ex-NFL player to GO TELL teens: Shine amid darkness

Ex-NFL player to GO TELL teens: Shine amid darkness
By Keith Collier, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas

When the former NFL player stepped onto the stage, he knew the several hundred youth seated before him may have expected someone bigger.

“I know some of you are shocked,” Daryl Jones said to students at the GO TELL student camp on the campus of Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas. “You heard about a football player-preacher coming to speak, and you see this short dude standing here. But I serve a big God, and that big God decided not to make me big, but I can run really fast.”
Jones, a wide receiver on the national champion Miami Hurricanes in 2001 who also played in the NFL for several years, spoke to student from Matthew 5:14-16 on the importance of shining as lights in a dark world.

Using examples from his football days, Jones recounted how God uniquely placed him on teams in order to shine the light of the Gospel in those locker rooms. In addition to one-on-one relationships with players, Jones led chapel services and Bible studies during his time as a player.

“[Jesus] wants you to know who you are and where He has placed you,” Jones told the students. “You are light, and He has placed you in the world.”

As Christians shine as lights in the world, Jones said non-Christians will be offended by the exposure of their own sins. “The world wants you to get a little dirty,” he said, “because it makes them feel better about their dirt.”

However, Jones said, the light of Christ also provides a measure of peace in an unbeliever’s life similar to the effects of a nightlight comforting someone who is afraid of the dark. Christians shine light into the world by reflecting the light of Christ like the moon reflects the sun’s light, Jones noted. When Christians do this, the glory goes to God, not them.

“Your presence is crucial, and the world needs you,” Jones said at the mid-July camp. “Don’t ever feel insignificant. Never feel like you don’t have a place in life.”

Jones earned a master of divinity degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas, and currently is pursuing a PH.D. in new Testament at the seminary. He also serves as youth pastor at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas.


“I am a 15-year-old guy and have attended GO TELL Camp for two years now. Thank you for caring about teens like me. If it wasn’t for you, I’d be on my way to hell right now. I accepted Christ in my life at GO TELL Camp. I love coming there to worship. Please pray for me and my brothers. We hardly ever see my mom because she is always in the living room doing drugs and we are not allowed in there. I’ll never quit praying for her to get saved and know my Jesus. It was so wonderful at GO TELL and now I’m back home where it is like a little taste of hell, but I’m going to keep praying. I love you.”

“This was our fourth GO TELL Camp and the best. On the drive home, our students sought God about how they could step up and be proactive in reaching their friends for Christ. When we got home, we purchased a 10X-sized Tee shirt and hung it in our youth building. It is huge! Students have written names of unsaved friends on it and are clothing them with Jesus Christ. They have started a buddy program and are adopting an unsaved friend to pray for and win to Christ. Because of God’s work in our lives at GO TELL, we’re excited, refreshed, and rejuvenated!”
–Youth Pastor Brian Canuteson

“We love the great balance between evangelism and discipleship and fun games and activities. Our students are still on fire from last year because the focus is on equipping them to minister once they return from camp. The decisions we have seen made at GO TELL are genuine and lasting. Last Sunday I baptized twelve who were saved this year at camp. How very thankful we are to have found GO TELL Camp.”
–Youth Pastor Dan Brower

“We came back from GO TELL Camp on fire for God! In the evening service this past Sunday night we brought GO TELL to our church. Because of our testimonies, many came to the altars and rededicated their lives to God. Afterward, we went to Burger King, which is also the Greyhound stop for our town. We witnessed to 40 people and nine accepted Christ as their personal Lord and Savior!”

“I just got back from GO TELL Camp. God used you all to change my life. I will never be the same again! Even though I have been in church all my life, I was never saved. The last night of camp, I surrendered my life to Christ. It was the best day of my life. I started crying then because my life had really just begun. I’m crying now as I type this. Thank you! I love you and I love the Lord!”

“I’ll never forget the first time I took a youth group to a GO TELL Camp in 1994. My kids had never heard preaching so intense, and I wondered if they could handle it or if I’d be without a job by the end of the week. God’s Spirit fell on our group in a mighty way. Kids who had never shown any spiritual interest were on their faces weeping, crying out to God. Kids were saved. Nominal Christian kids got serious about their faith. Our leaders were convicted of sin in their lives, and I was convicted of my complacency and lack of care for souls. God did a radical work in our youth group that night. GO TELL Camp is the highlight of our year and critical to the spiritual health of our students and leaders. The results we see year after year are real and lasting.”
–Associate Pastor Shane O’Guin

“I came to GO TELL Camp as a youth leader. The first night God’s Spirit was so strong in convicting power that after leading a teen in my youth group to Christ, I put my Bible down, turned to another counselor, and got saved myself. This act of humility broke the hearts of my youth group; many began to weep and admit they had never really been saved. Twenty of us were saved that night!”
–Youth leader, Cathy

“I desperately needed to know that somebody cared. The youth group that invited me to attend GO TELL Camp with them didn’t know before we left that I was pregnant and scared. At GO TELL I heard about and saw the love of Jesus. I had thought about an abortion. Now my baby will be told about the Lord who has given me hope and a future.”

“GO TELL Camp is so critical to the spiritual health of our young people and leaders that I offer it for two different weeks each summer. That is how badly I want our student and leaders to go. Many of them go both weeks. How God moves at GO TELL is nothing short of miraculous. Every year I’ve brought hard, cold-hearted kids who no one could seem to reach. The Spirit of God is so strong at GO TELL that I’ve never seen one of those kids get past Thursday night without God breaking their hearts and changing their lives.”
–Youth Pastor Vince Pienske

GO TELL Crusades
“As I left the stadium Wednesday night, I felt as if my heart would burst with thankfulness to God. My husband and three sons had been saved at the crusade. I was overwhelmed with an awesome sense that the work God began in this miraculous crusade will go on and on.”
–Judy Lyles, Prayer Chairman

“I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. Night after night people flooded to the altars. God moved in power and changed lives by the hundreds! As I arrived at the crusade Wednesday evening and turned the corner, I saw a sight that literally took my breath away. More than 4,000 young people and adults packed the grandstands. It was as if I could see God’s hand in Holy Spirit power sweeping over the crowd. It was the largest gathering of young people for any event in the history of Hall County. After Rick preached, young people began to flood the altars in waves. The first wave brought over 300 who repeated the sinner’s prayer out loud. We sent them to the counseling station where they could speak one-on-one with our trained counselors. Then, almost 500 came in a second wave! We asked for anyone in the stands who knew how to lead a person to Christ to come help counsel. Only a sovereign God can produce results like that!”
–Henry Slack, Crusade Chairman

“Churches of our county came together and we worked as one for the Lord. I truly believe that as God saw our hearts united, it put a smile on His face. A shofar was sounded, and God’s children came together. The great effort was met with a mighty move of God. The long-term effects will be seen for many years to come. Words cannot describe the awesome joy of seeing entire families come to Christ. One man who had visited my church came to me and said, ‘Pastor, I want to be free. I want to be delivered from pot.’ He handed me a bag of pot, and then raised his hands to the sky and began to praise God who had gloriously liberated him!”
–Pastor Joey Turner

“The crusade was awesome, one of the greatest things that has ever happened in my life. Our football coach brought the entire team to the crusade straight from practice. They were still in their uniforms. As you looked out during the invitation time, it was an amazing sight to see many bowed in prayer in their uniforms all over the end zone. Life-time decisions for Christ were made, and I can already tell a difference in my school.”
–Student Charlsie Gerrard

“The powerful way God moved made this crusade the most worthwhile, overwhelming experience of my life. It is hard to put into words glorious enough to do it justice. The Spirit of God swept through night after night, saving and changing lives. It is beyond anything I could have imagined this side of heaven.”
–Co-chairman Jack Westmoreland

“When Rick Gage talked about having a tremendous number of young people on Youth Night, I really doubted it could happen. But I stood in awe as I parked cars and watched young people flood in. I’ve lived in Lincoln Country since 1970, but I’ve never seen anything like what God did, and continues to do, through the crusade. I thought events of this caliber only came to big cities.” –Bryan Morrison

“God visited our county in a miraculous way. Hundreds were swept into the Kingdom. Relationships were healed; families were reunited; prominent citizens were led to faith in Christ by people broken with love for others; church members were saved; denominational and racial barriers came down. There is a different atmosphere in our entire community.”
–Pastor Cail Pressey

“The crusade was the most awesome spiritual experience of my life. On the Sunday morning after the crusade, our entire worship service was devoted to testimonies of how God powerfully moved in lives at the crusade. The service just went on and on. Our evening service included our entire congregation working together to follow up on those who had made decisions. Now that is powerful and something only God could do!”
–Kirby Sechrist, Missions Coordinator

“It was an awesome thing to be a part of this crusade. Our kick-off banquet in February had over 900 people present. It was the largest banquet ever held in Cherokee County. Over 200 committee workers from 67 churches worked together to see people of all ages make decisions for Christ. Seeing how many lives were impacted was truly awesome. The long-term effects will be seen for many years to come.”
–Crusade Chairman Sam Burns

“My heart raced as I looked at those standing in line waiting for counselors, and there stood my grandson and his fiancé. What a personally elating time it was to lead them to faith in Christ. A couple I had been praying for and talking to for a year and half also got saved at the crusade. The miracle stories just go one and on, and we will see to it that they continue.”
–Pastor Ray Jenkins, Counseling Chairman

“The crusade was absolutely the most wonderful move of God this county has ever experienced. The mighty outpouring of God’s Spirit sparked a revival that will continue. God moved in power in countless lives, and the huge impact of this crusade has changed this county forever. We are already working diligently to follow-up on the many decisions that were made. Blundale Baptist will baptize more than 50 people in the days ahead. Included in that number will be five family members of one of our church’s most faithful women who has attended this church alone for years. Words can’t possibly describe her joy at seeing her husband, three gown children, and a future son-in-law make first-time professions of faith during the crusade.”
–Pastor Jamie Archer

“The crusade far surpassed any of my expectations. Our community is on fire for Christ now. Everywhere you go people are talking about what God did and continues to do. God even worked in our budget with our financial response almost identical to our budget. It was the best money we ever spent. A call for Christ was issued like we’ve never had before in this community, and God showed up and changed and transformed lives.”
–Milton Gray, Finance Chairman

“As we prepared for the crusade, we prayed for a mighty moving of God’s Spirit. We prayed like Isaiah, that God would rend the heavens and come down. And God far exceeded our expectations! Local police officers who worked security for the crusade reported astonishing results from people in surrounding neighborhoods who were within earshot of Rogan Field. As the gospel message resounded from the football field, some stopped their barbeques and listened. They started to weep and bowed their knees on the grass in their backyards. The officers used this opportunity to talk to them about Christ. More than 40 people walked the aisle of my church the Sunday after the crusade to make public the decisions they had made during the crusade. We have already started a class for new Christians. Four adults were saved in homes immediately after the crusade as the Spirit of God continues to move mightily.”
–Pastor Sam Crosby

A Note from Jordan Easley

It’s that time of year again where your mailbox is being flooded with shiny brochures that guarantee you the most incredible student camp experience ever. So how is GO TELL Camp any different than the rest?

After partnering with GO TELL Camps for nearly 10 years, I’ve discovered that GO TELL provides more than an entertaining week away where a student gets a little Jesus time. It’s a platform that allows people to not only meet Christ but also GET Christ. Your students will walk away from GO TELL Camp challenged to live out their faith, to share their faith, and make a difference in the communities they live in once they get home.

Is GO TELL Camp fun? — absolutely! — but as a Youth Pastor, I know you want more than that for your teenagers this summer. I would highly encourage you to take a chance, change it up a bit, get out of your routine, and get your students to GO TELL Camp! You’ll be glad you did.

-Jordan Easley
Lead Student Pastor
Second Baptist, Houston, Texas

2009 Ministry Newsletter

To God be the glory for the great things He has done! We have seen more than 3,000 people make commitments to Christ through the ministries of GO TELL this year. We are grateful for your prayers and support which enable us to reach so many with the Gospel.

Recently, a couple from Reynoldsburg, Ohio, wrote, “Our 16-year-old son Daniel accepted Christ during your recent visit to Jersey Baptist Church. Praise the Lord! Thank you for your ministry! My wife and I had been praying for him for some time. May the Lord bless you for your work and ministry!”

Reaching people for Christ is the mission of GO TELL Ministries and the heartbeat of God. Thank you for believing in this evangelistic ministry.

We are certainly aware of the difficult economic times everyone is facing and the impact they are having on families across our nation. For instance, we received a note from a teenager, who had been touched by God at our GO TELL Camps, that said, “I love GO TELL Ministries and ask that you pray for my family this winter. We are living in a camper with hardly any heat, but we are together and that is all that matters.”

Times are truly tough for so many families who are concerned with job security and how to pay their bills. Due to the worldwide recession and economic downturn, many of our donors have not been able to continue their financial support of this ministry.

In addition, many of our ministry events did not have the participation that was expected, resulting in a substantial loss in revenue. This downturn has created a large deficit in our ministry and a huge financial burden.

Please consider helping us with the following stewardship plan:

  • Pray. Prayer is asking, and the answer to prayer is receiving.
  • Consider helping us change lives for eternity and save yourself extra dollars by making a charitable gift of appreciated stock or appreciated property to GO TELL Ministries.
  • Give $20. If everyone receiving this newsletter would give $20, we could easily knock out the deficit and be totally ministry-focused going into the New Year to reach a harvest of lost souls.

I eagerly await your reply and will be praying for God to work a mighty miracle.


Rick Gage

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Registration is Now Open!

Online registration for the 2010 Student and Kids Camps is now open. Go to for more information and to register.

Registration Opens Nov. 2nd!

Confronting our culture with truth!

New online camp registration! 2010 camp registration opens November 2, 2009! Check out our new camp video!

2010 Camps

Georgia Baptist Conference Center
Toccoa, Georgia
June 14 – 18, 2010
June 21 – 25, 2010
June 28 – July 2, 2010

Liberty University
Lynchburg, Virginia
July 5 – 9, 2010

Wesleyan College
Buckhannon, West Virginia
July 12 – 16, 2010

Campbellsville University
Campbellsville, Kentucky
June 28-July 2, 2010

Stephen F. Austin State University
Nacogdoches, Texas
July 12 – 16, 2010